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Born in London, living in Leicester (via Dubai, Luton, and Canterbury), I’m a maker at heart — from deep craft in creating usable, friendly software, to building furniture for my garden.

Blurring the lines between creative director and designer, providing creative leadership, strategy and hands on design, through trust, empathy and human-centred thinking — creating remarkable customer experiences rooted in the story of the brand.

I have more than 25 years experience working with in-house teams and agencies, partnering with brands such as the BBC, Everyone TV, Sky, YouView O2 and Oxfam.

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Most recent experience

BBC (Senior UX Designer)

Working within the Content Discovery team, responsible for the creative direction and definition of the For you experience into the BBC Sounds mobile app.

Everyone TV (Principal Product Designer)

One of two Product Designers defining the end-to-end UX and UI of Freely — the next-generation TV platform seamlessly combining live broadcast television and on demand — championing UK Public Service Broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5) for leading brand smart TVs.

Sky (Design Lead → Creative Director → Head of Design)

I spent 6 years at Sky, from leading the visual design on Sky Q to being responsible for directing and shaping a team of Creative Directors and Product Designers on Sky’s consumer facing products — Sky Q, Sky Go, Sky+ and Sky Kids.

Client feedback

Al Jones, Creative Director (BBC)

“Matt loves the craft of design, he’s deeply insightful, empathetic and a fantastic storyteller to boot.

He excels at making sense of complex design challenges… his extensive experience in product design and leadership meant that he was able to hit the ground running with diligence and drive to succeed… His approach facilitates an intelligent and agile way of working which really suited the needs of a complex strategic project.

Above all Matt is a wonderful person to work with who nurtures and cares for the team around him. It’s been great to work alongside him and I hope our paths cross again in future.”

Andrew Greenham, Head of Design (BBC)

“I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Matt on a number of occasions and in his role as lead designer he has proved himself to be a key member of my project team.

Matt is an intelligent, experienced and dedicated designer; a talented design practitioner with fantastic cross-platform knowledge blended with impressive stakeholder management skills.

In addition to being a well-rounded designer he is also a thoroughly nice guy to work with. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back into the team in the future.”

Olivia May, Head of Product (Everyone TV)

“Matt is a highly experienced and visionary designer — his work has had a lasting and profound impact on UK viewers’ enjoyment of discovering fresh and trending shows. Easy to work with, being calm but driven to complete on-time, Matt can be relied on to deliver market-leading projects.”

Julie Wilson-Dodd, Transformation Consultant

“Matt is an incredibly useful man to have around. He’s a phenomenal all rounder – great visuals, great UX skills, great attitude and really easy to work with. As such he’s completely invaluable to any team and I’d heartily recommend him (and would employ him again).”

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