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Sky — always the challenger, never the incumbent. The relentless strive for better is inherent in everything they do.

Sky Q introduced a next generation TV experience that made accessing the TV you love easier, faster and make all your content seamlessly available anywhere you want it to be.

I spent over 6 years at Sky, joining as Lead UI Designer on Sky Q, which launched in 2016. Post launch, I took a full-time position as Creative Director, and was promoted to Head of Design 18 months later. As Head of Design I was responsible for leading a team of 25 — Creative Directors and UX/UI designers — on Sky’s consumer facing products — Sky Q, Sky+, Sky Go and Sky Kids.

Role & responsibilities

Lead UI Designer → Creative Director → Head of Design

Creative leadership, Shaping the design team (hiring, levelling, mentoring), Creative direction, UX/UI design, Prototyping, User testing, Brand translation.


Launched Sky Q, shaped the direction of Sky Go an Sky Kids apps, Led initiatives to research and define new features to Sky Q post-launch, launched Sky Q in Germany and Italy



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